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Our areas of expertise

Specialized text is generally written by specialists who are experts in their field. It presents complex facts for a specific target group. This type of text is distinguished by a special text structure and the use of a specific lexicon and terminology.

As the result of communication activities, the specialized text is a cohesive, logically structured and self-contained complex linguistic expression that reflects facts that are specific to certain actions, uses situationally appropriate linguistic means and can be supplemented by visual means such as symbols, formulas, equations, graphics and illustrations.
(according to: Rosemarie Gläser, Fachtextsorten im Englischen, Gunter Narr Verlag Tübingen, 1990, p. 18)

In order to be able to do specialized translations, one also requires – in addition to linguistic competence – specialized skills which are generally obtained through the appropriate education and relevant experiences.

Our areas of expertise include engineering, physicsbiophotonics, optics, signal and image processing, electronics, IT technology (hardware and software), measurement and control systems and medical engineering.

In addition, we provide translations in the following fields: natural sciences (general), in particular chemistry, chemical technology, biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics and pharmaceutics.


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