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Notice of Liability
With its decree dated 12 May 1998, the District Court of Hamburg decided that website owners may be co-responsible for the contents of linked sites on their sites. According to the District Court, this can only be prevented by expressly distancing oneself from these contents. We may have links to other sites on the Internet on our website.

The following applies to all of these links:
We expressly state that we have no influence whatsoever on the design and contents of the linked sites. We are therefore expressly distancing ourselves from all the contents of all the external sites linked to our website and are in no way adopting any of these contents as our own. Despite careful checking of the contents, we assume no liability for the contents of external links. For the contents of the linked sites, solely the operators of these sites are responsible. This statement applies to all links displayed on our website and to all contents of sites associated with banners and links registered with us.


The layout of our website, the graphics and images employed, the collection as well as the individual articles are protected by copyright.
We reserve all rights, also in part, to the photomechanical reproduction, copying and distribution by means of special methods (e.g. data processing, data carriers and data networks) of the contents of our website. We assume no guarantee for any typographical errors or for the accuracy of the entries.

A copyright expires 70 years after the death of the copyright-holder.

German Copyright Act § 106: Unauthorized use of copyrighted works
(1). Copying, distribution or public disclosure of a work or an adaptation or a reconfiguration of a work other than in legally permissible cases or without the consent of the beneficiary is punishable with a fine or a prison term of up to three years.
(2) Attempting to do so is punishable.

Internet Conditions
The Internet functions as a decentralized network interconnection with buffering and forwarding of temporary data. It is therefore currently impossible to provide a guarantee for the exclusion of manipulation, intentional falsification and use of only current data (e.g., an old version is still in the cache) as information is passed from the provider to the user. We would like to point out the following as regards this system-related limitation: You will receive these data under the conditions of the Internet. We can therefore assume no guarantee for the correctness of the information or for consistency with the original data.

No warning before prior, written contact. Should content or information in this website or in parts of this website violate the rights of a third party or cause problems in any other form with regard to competition laws, then we ask for fast, appropriate notification without an invoice under reference to §8, Section 4 of the Unfair Competition Act. The objectionable information or contents will then be removed or modified in accordance with legal regulations within an appropriate time frame without the intervention of legal counsel being required. The intervention of legal counsel for a warning with costs of the service provider does not correspond to the actual or presumed wishes of the warning party and is therefore a violation of §13, Section 15 of the Unfair Competition Act due to the pursuit of irrelevant objectives as a predominant motive for initiating proceedings, in particular the obtainment of costs as the actual reason. Moreover, it is also a violation of the applicable duty to avert, minimize or mitigate loss.

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