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Laasdorf, a community situated in the south of the Saale-Holzland district (Thuringia), is located in the valley of the lower Roda tributary, about 15 km from the center of the university town of Jena.

The first mention of Laasdorf in 1323 is in conjunction with the Roda Monastery.

The Lobdeburgs, an aristocratic family of Frankish origin, were the first nobles to rule over this region starting in 1166. They were the successors of the Burgau and Elsterberg lines. However, archeological findings in the vicinity attest to even earlier settlements.
The first documented mention of Laasdorf was in connection with the estate of the Roda Monastery around 1323. After the monastery was abolished, the courts of Laasdorf belonged to the administrative offices of Leuchtenburg and Roda.
In 1333 the purchase of the Laasdorf mill by the convent is mentioned. This mill was operated as a cutting and oil mill and was used as a porcelain factory into the 20th century. And this is where the office of tecword Professional Translations is located.

Today the village has about 520 inhabitants. There is no (printed) village newspaper, but there is a library and fun village life: a regular women’s kaffeeklatsch under the old linden tree, a Carnival club and Mardi Gras events, fireworks and maypole dances, walks through the meadows, traditional harvest festivities with dancing, children’s clothing market and Christmas parties, bonfires, exhibits about the village’s history and a whole lot of fun.

Many companies have settled in this region, including:

CBV Blechverarbeitung GmbH
ISS Innovative Schweiß- und Schneidtechnik GmbH
LTL Veranstaltungstechnik
Lüdtke GmbH
Landesverband Thüringer Rinderzüchter e.G. Vermarktungszentrum


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