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Biophotonics, a relatively new term, entails the use of light-based technologies in medicine and life sciences.
Biophotonics is thus a collective term for all technologies that are concerned with the interaction of material and photons, i.e. light. This pertains to emission, absorption, reflection, diffusion and other interactions of electromagnetic radiation with living organisms or organic substances.

Among other things, this includes the exploration of various luminescence effects on biological tissue or microscopic techniques such as laser scanning microscopy or medical procedures such as photodynamic therapy.

Other areas of biophotonics use light as miniature tools, as it were: With "optical tweezers" cells and cell components can be held and moved, and incisions can be made in a cell using a nano-laser scalpel. The topic of "photonic sensor technology", for example, focuses on the further development of interferometric and spectroscopic measuring processes for the highly precise determination of the smallest lengths or angles, for non-contact measurement of coarseness or material defects and for the determination of the smallest concentrations of biological reagents and pollutants.


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