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Welcome to tecword technical translations

Dipl.-Phys. M.A. Heike Scheminski, Technical translator (BDÜ, tekom)





Technical translations from English and French to German



tender documents, operating instructions, user manuals, websites, press releases, scientific papers

Technics, instrument engineering, medical engineering,  biophotonics, optics, signal and image processing, electronics, IT technology, metrology, natural sciences

22 years of experience in patents concerning medical devices.


Our range of services

Computer aided text analysis
Editing by native speakers
Technical translations
Terminology work



And how does it work in practice?

You want to have a text or document translated. - How is the translation order processed?
For a quote we need your document in the wished formatting, for example as a .doc or .docx file or xml file etc. Preferably you send us the document in a digital form by e-mail, alternatively by fax, if it is not available in a computer readable form.
We analyze the text and send you an individual offer tailored to your particular needs. Based on this offer, you place your order for translation.

For more information, please see the item:
"You want to have a text translated"

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